The Leading Environmentally Friendly Electric and Aluminium Bus Body Manufacturer in Asia Pacific with More Than Three Decades of Industry Experience.

Electric Bus Manufacturer Malaysia | Bus Body Manufacturer Malaysia

Who We Are

With 30 years of experience, GEMILANG is the leading manufacturer of bodywork for electric and aluminium buses and bus assembler in Malaysia and Singapore. We have unique expertise in designing and manufacturing a range of aluminium bus and coachwork (SKDs and CKDs) and also assemble buses (CBUs). We are present in more than 10 markets around the globe with Singapore as the main source of revenue. We are committed to provide distinctive and sustainable solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers who are embracing electrification.

During the Track Record Period and up to the Latest Practicable Date, we have manufactured and supplied buses and bus bodies to major bus transport operators, including SBS Transit and SMRT in Singapore, Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd in Malaysia (including Rapid Kuantan and Rapid KL), China Travel Tours Transportation Development (HK) Ltd and Kwoon Chung Bus in Hong Kong.

Gemilang thrives on its value of collaboration and is always looking for world-leading technology and distribution partners.

Gemilang prides itself on its relentless pursuit of product quality and service excellence. To stay at the forefront of innovation, Gemilang continues to invest in research and development and technology partnerships.

Our Business

Comprehensive Integrated Solution To Customer Needs From Design To Manufacturing

Electric Bus Manufacturer Malaysia | Bus Body Manufacturer Malaysia

Conceptualization & Design

Our conceptual and design capabilities, including prototyping, have allowed us to design the interior and exterior of the entire bus, as well as make changes to the layout and dimensions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

  1. We have entered into a strategic partnership with Constellium and EcoRange System
  2. Our team has strong in-house development expertise
  3. We work hand-in-hand with local bus operators and well-known chassis manufacturers.

Quality and Safety Test

To ensure that our products comply with various safety regulations, we have developed a number of in-house testing facilities, such as a tilt test platform to assess the stability of the vehicle and a rollover test platform to ensure the safety of the bus in the event of a rollover.
Electric Bus Manufacturer Malaysia | Bus Body Manufacturer Malaysia
Electric Bus Manufacturer Malaysia | Bus Body Manufacturer Malaysia

Regulation Compliance

Our bus bodies have been designed, manufactured and assembled to various international standards and regulations.

We are one of the few manufacturers outside Australia who were on the panel list of manufacturers who could produce and supply buses in accordance with the ADRs and the Australian Motor Vehicle Standard Act 1989. This qualifies us to sell our products in Australia. Our compliance with various standards and regulations, as well as our accreditations by the relevant regulatory bodies, have given us a competitive advantage to secure business opportunities in the local and overseas markets.


We are able to manufacture high quality bus bodies and assemble a wide range of buses including single deck, double deck and articulated buses as well as single deck, double deck and high deck buses with bodies ranging from 9 to 18 metres in length.

In addition to CBU buses, the application of the EcoRange system to a wide range of well-known chassis has enabled us to develop expertise and know-how in the assembly and manufacture of aluminium bus bodies, which ultimately gives us the advantage of obtaining bids for various projects in different markets.

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